The PIE polymer price reports

European composites markets were unusually quiet in August. Notations for medium-reactive ortho resins but also for glass fibre reinforcement products were mostly flat at the July level. A softening styrene reference price as well as the Q3 maleic acid anhydride contract that was fixed around EUR 100/t lower were not enough to stimulate the market, especially as demand was below expectations.
Nervousness about the repercussions from Hurricane “Harvey” has tightened the already tight European market for styrene. Due to the storm, US imports that could refresh dwindling supplies on this side of the Atlantic cannot be expected in the next few weeks. The strong upward momentum of styrene is likely to lead resins prices to firm.
The glass fibres market, by contrast, has remained stable. Some producers are seeking higher prices for chopped strand mats and roving, but as yet their efforts have not borne fruit. This wIll not change in the near future.

Source: PIE
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