Advanced Plastics Benelux

ADVANCED PLASTICS BENELUX BV is a leading distributor of raw materials, machines, tools and ancillaries for the composite industry.

Since 2002, as Advanced Plastics Benelux BV, we proudly offer a wide range of high quality products thanks to our long-term suppliers worldwide. All our products have been meticulously curated as to be a value-added solution for you. Advanced Plastics Benelux BV has a strong and prominent position in a large number of international market, mostly but not limited to the Benelux and Germany. In order to satisfy the needs of our customers and to serve as best, Advanced Plastics Benelux BV is always proactively looking for new solutions to expand our brand and product portfolio. One of the most important strengths of our company, is a long term committed partnerships
both with our suppliers and customers, this is an important core value for us that carry us beyond a box mover type of distributor. Another important core value of us, to serve our customer base in a responsively, timely manner with point on targeted solutions. Advanced Plastics Benelux BV offers the possibility of one-stop shopping thanks to its
extensive product range. This is very attractive to you as a customer: Delivering all raw materials, auxiliary materials and tools by one supplier. This service is simpler, faster and above all cheaper. Combined with all these facts that to supply raw materials directly from stock, Advanced Plastics Benelux BV makes a respected and reliable supplier.
• Polyester, Vinylester, Crestapol
• Gelcoat, Topcoat, Bariercoat
• Bonding Pastes, Crestomer, Crestapol
• Crestabond
Multiaxial Fabrics
• Glass, Carbon, Aramid, Hybrid
• UD, Biax, Triax, Quadrax, CSM
• More than 2,500 customer-specific articles
High-Tech Fabrics
• Woven Fabrics, prepregs
Core Materials
• Saerfoam, Nidaplast, PVC Foam, Mould Foam
Vacuum Materials
• Vacuum Moulding, RTM & RTM Light
• Vacuum Infusion, Reusable Membranes
• Vacuum Equipment
• Bagging Materials
Release Agents
• Mould Releases, Semi-permanent
• Internal Mould Release Agents, Cleaners, Strippers
• FRP equipment, Transfer Pumps
Tools and Ancilliaries
• Rollers, Brushes, Taps, Buckets, Catalyst Dispensers, Scissors, etc.