International promotion

Increasing your business, and the entire Dutch composite sector, is one of the most important themes of CompositesNL. To achieve this, promotion is of great importance. The composites sector in the Netherlands is broad, high-quality and has a good international reputation. At the same time we also see that there is a need to become more visible, to strengthen the Dutch cluster and to build more critical mass together. This requires joining forces, both between members themselves and with other sector organizations and stakeholders.

We have therefore decided to start a theme group International promotion. How this fits into a broader framework and which activities we provide:

  • Composites Pitch: generate promotional material
  • Writing a White Paper, to provide insight into the entire Dutch composite sector and to show that it is full of champions
  • More marketing through social media: CompositesNL recently hired a marketing employee here
  • Finding a connection with other trade organizations. This is already happening with NMT and NAG, with others this is in the pipeline
  • Internationalization working group, together with FME and HTSM (Top Sector HighTech Systems & Materials)
  • Dutch pavilion at international meetings: we are proud to announce that there is a Dutch pavilion at JEC 2018, organized by CompositesNL

We would like to exchange ideas with you as to whether these are indeed the good activities and how we can implement them together. We expressly seek your input and insights!

The “Internationalization Agenda” working group is a tried and tested method of FME and HTSM to better highlight the Netherlands from a sector. This allows us to connect better with the Topsectors and we can possibly count on more government support. The process in which this goes is as follows:

  • What is “the story” abroad about composites in the Netherlands? What are we good at and how do we distinguish ourselves abroad
  • What is the best way to tell this story and what are our target countries? A plan of action follows, with, for example, trade missions, strategic exchanges or other means
  • This action plan can possibly be supported with resources from HTSM

Because these topics concern the entire sector, the meetings are open to everyone, member or not a member of CompositesNL. Of course we like it when you become a member. We desperately need the joining of forces!


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