CompositesNL represents the interests of companies throughout the entire composites chain for materials as well as the technology for thermosetting and thermoplastic fibre-reinforced synthetics. Composites have opportunities for growth with applications in a range of industries and markets, and the association intends to apply these opportunities in the best way possible on behalf of its members. In the process, innovation, research, education, the jobs market, quality, the environment, and information, among others, will be the unifying themes. For instance, the association is affiliated with EuCIA, a European association, and we have good collaboration with our neighbouring countries, Germany and Belgium.

The contribution for each member (company) is calculated based on the number of employees as of 1 January of the year of contribution.

Category Number of employees Contributin
Ordinary members 1 €   630
2-10 € 1.075
11-25 € 1.600
26-100 € 2.125
101-250 € 3.175
> 250 € 4.225
Extraordinary personal member €    105
Extraordinary members & instituations €    1020
Ordinary members

Ordinary members are companies with a legal entity such as, sole proprietorship, VOF, Cooperative, Partnership, BV or NV

An extraordinary personal member

An extraordinary personal member is not a company or institution but an individual who wishes to join CompositesNL.

Extraordinary members & Institutions

Extraordinary members & Institutions: are educational, knowledge and research institutions, governmental and semi-governmental institutions, non-profit associations and foundations.

Honorary members

Honorary members are natural persons who are appointed by the General Members Meeting on the recommendation of the board. Honorary member does not pay a contribution and is indefinitely.

Become a member too! Send your interest for a membership to or download the registration form.

Canceling the membership: The membership can be canceled up to 6 months before the end of the calendar year. The cancellation must be sent in writing by e-mail or by post.


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