Vision and Mission


New materials play an important role in the transition of the manufacturing industry. Sustainability is an important precondition here. Composite technology offers great opportunities because composite offers advantages over other materials such as metal and stone. These benefits are in the area of weight, strength and service life. Application of new material technology such as composite requires a new integrated approach in which design, production and choice of materials are combined. New knowledge is also needed in the field of regulations and certification.

The members of CompositesNL have set themselves the goal of developing the social benefits of and new framework conditions for the application of composite and bringing them out to the market and society.


CompositesNL wants to stimulate the use of composite products, increase the application and improve acceptance. In addition, the collection, distribution and development of knowledge is a central theme within the association. The activities are arranged for this.


All activities of CompositesNL are at the service of the members. The central theme is knowledge, both collection, distribution and development. Gathering knowledge primarily concerns regulations and market developments, knowledge dissemination is about the social and business advantages of composite technology, knowledge development takes place interactively by the members. The working groups play an important role here.

In addition, CompositesNL represents the common interests of the members through participation in discussions about innovation policy (regional, national, international) and attendance at fairs, seminars and other meetings. The members are regularly informed about this.


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