Knowledge centre

CompositesNL has a great deal of information at its fingertips. The expertise centre is the place where all up-to-date information is available and where publications can be downloaded. At present, we are very busy working on the setting up of the expertise centre. The Environment and Legislation Working Group is involved among other things with safe, efficient and workable legislation.

My Health and Safety catalog

Social partners within the composites industry have jointly drawn up an occupational health and safety catalogue. In this health and safety catalog you can find solutions for the most important health and safety risks in your company. Solutions can be found for the most important (priority) risks within your sector.

The catalogue is available in Dutch only:


CompositesNL encourages companies to systematically integrate care for working conditions and the environment into daily business operations. To that end, CompositesNL and its affiliated members have drawn up a new Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) instrument together with employee representatives in the plastics and rubber industry. Arboplaats has taken care of the development of this RI&E instrument. This instrument also contains all solutions and sector agreements from the Working Conditions Catalogs of the composite industry.

The “my RI&E” website (Dutch only) has been developed for both (medium) large and small composite companies, which are characterized by a flat and well-organized organizational structure in the field of management. “My RI&E” brings together a great deal of knowledge and insight from companies and is of value for all composite companies with more than one employee.

BMD Advies – Environmental service

Do you have (environmental) advice questions? Send your question to:
Feedback of the response / processing takes place directly by e-mail to the customer.

BMD Advies keeps track of the time spent per customer. They assume a maximum of 2 hours per customer request.


If you have not yet concluded a basic contract for the prevention part of the basic working conditions service contract, you can conclude this contract with Arboplaats. As a member of CompositesNL you will receive a discount.

If you are interested in this, you can contact Arboplaats: Huib Arts. Mobile: 06-19194818. He will then make you a suitable offer, with which you meet this part of the new legal requirements.

Composite Materials, an introduction

Developing teaching materials is essential. Several textbooks have already been published, including “Composieten Basiskennis” (Basic knowledge of composites) – author R.P.L. Nijssen.

Guide to Composites - Volume One

Branded by Toray Advanced Composites

A print copy and other processing guides may be requested here
This book may be obtained in digital form here.


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