A new daily management committee was set up during the general membership meeting held on 13 April 2017. This new committee comprises three individuals: a chairman, treasurer and secretary. The managing committee is tasked with the management of the association. Twice a year, general membership meeting is held that is chaired by the managing committee. As well as the committee, there is an Industry Advisory Committee with broad representation from sectors and markets including the automotive, maritime, infrastructure, construction, energy, aviation, transport and engineering sectors, education and knowledge institutes, and raw materials markets. The Industry Advisory Committee is being set up and its role will be to advise the managing committee.

Marcus Kremers



Laurent Morel



Sjef van Breugel

Board member

Pontis Engineering

Wim Brink

Board member

Fatol Kunststoffen

Maarten Labordus


KVE Composites

Tahira Ahmed

Board member


Ferrie van Hattum

Board member

Hogeschool Saxion

Coen Meerbach

Board member

Solico Engineering


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