BNS Industrial BV

BNS Industrial BV, supplies: Carbon fabrics, axial, uni-directionals, prepregs, SCIGRIP structural adhesives and Weld-on adhesives, mold release agents, internal release agents, wetting agents.
It is part of AMG Holding (Applied Materials Group), with main investment in Amsterdam. Sinds 1999 they are active as a distributor of technical textiles, prepreg, industrial linings, resins etc.

BNS Industrial BV is active in the automotive, transportation, marine, defense and various other sectors.

BNS has an innovative character in which it participates with clients, test houses, forums and universities, in the development of products. In many ways, this innovation of the project is a new self-assessment of the BNS, the customer and the producer, but BNS wants to coordinate the project.