Crea Mech Co Ltd

Crea Mech is an independent engineering, consultancy and project delivery company that strives to provide original creative solutions to complex mechanical problems. We do what we love and we love what we do:
1. Analytical and numerical solutions for predicting strength characteristics of composite materials and structures;
2. Development of Crea-Comp with our innovative solutions, from mobile apps, desktop software to cloud computation;
3. Design and optimization of high-performance composite structures that match the needs and requirements of the customers.

At Crea Mech we believe in the principle that one plus one is more than two. This is how it works in the composites world: people support and reinforce one another. Our core values are creativity, energy, reliability, openness, team spirit and customer focus. We are a versatile and committed service provider, helping our local and global customers with their product development and process improvement. Crea Mech, your professional collaborative partner.