Manshanden Productie Composiet

Manshanden Productie Composiet specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality products based on glass fiber-reinforced plastic. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we provide tailored solutions for various sectors, including governmental organizations, energy companies, and businesses involved in road transportation and the construction sector. Our expertise covers the entire process, from concept development to manufacturing and installation. By utilizing advanced production techniques and premium materials, we offer our clients products that excel in quality, durability, and performance. We are committed to continuous innovation, providing our customers with solutions that are as efficient as possible and entail minimal maintenance costs. Given that energy and maintenance significantly contribute to overall expenses, our products offer substantial savings throughout their lifespan.

We are delighted to have recently joined CompositesNL, the industry association for the composite industry. As Manshanden Productie Composiet, by taking this step we intend to expand our network and enhance our collaboration opportunities. By becoming a member of CompositesNL, we aspire to prepare ourselves for future developments. By aligning ourselves with this renowned network, we hope to discover synergies and collaborate with other companies within the industry when the need for cooperation arises during our growth phase.

Additionally, we see membership as a valuable opportunity to stay informed about the latest developments and trends within the market, such as composite recycling. By participating in the activities and events of CompositesNL, we can benefit from insights and knowledge-sharing with colleagues and suppliers.

In summary, our membership at CompositesNL represents a significant step in our commitment to growth, collaboration, and continuous improvement within the composite industry.