Nanoloy BV

Nanoloy BV is commercializing its proprietary plasma-induced deposition process that creates a strong chemical and mechanical bond between any metal, carbon, and metal oxide.

The roll-to-roll technology is proven and fully scalable, enabling the manufacture of an entirely new class of products for multiple industries.

Nanoloy’s unique value proposition lies in four main areas:

  1. Unique interfacial bond delivers higher performance, and longer life-cycle products.
  2. Lowered operating costs given the speed and precision of the deposition process.
  3. Lowered capital costs due to the fact that the ultra-fast plasma printers are produced in-house.
  4. Reduced environmental impact by replacing the toxic solvents, binders, glues, polymers, and the like with a thermally fused mechanical bond.

Nanoloy’s initial focus is a new generation of battery components that will enhance performance due to the unique binder and solvent-free bond created by the plasma deposition process.

Products under development include:

  • Carbon fused enhanced current collectors – increased capacity, safety, and life cycle.
  • Boron anode – will enable the manufacture of category-leading LFP / LMFP batteries.
  • Silicon anode – targeted to reach a capacity of 800 mAh/gram delivering meaningfully less degradation compared to competition at an affordable price.