Nippon Electric Glass

Since the establishment of our company in 1949, we have contributed to the evolution of society by developing and offering glass products in demand at each period in time. Our production began with vacuum glass tubing for radios at the time of our establishment, and has now expanded to various fields that support the society, such as automotive and transportation, information technology and semiconductors, medical care, displays, lighting, energy, social infrastructure and home appliances.

On the other hand, the environment surrounding us has changed rapidly in recent years, so have the needs for glass. Given such circumstances, under the corporate philosophy “We strive to build a brighter future for the world by uncovering the unlimited possibilities of glass for more advanced creative manufacturing”, we aim to achieve sustainable growth while contributing to the development of society by creating various social values such as the reduction of environmental impacts, innovation of information technology, advancement of medical care and improvement of the safety and comfort of living. We will achieve them through our cutting-edge core technology as well as glass products with various shapes and functions created by such technology.

Our company launched our medium-term business plan “EGP2021” from fiscal 2019. Under a slogan of “Strong Growth,” we are striving for solid growth in not just business performance but also in human resources, our core technologies and R&D capabilities, and as a result, making our corporate character even stronger. The plan sets out four priorities: “Research and Development,” “Business Strategies,” “Strategic investment,” and “CSR,” while aiming for net sales of 350 billion yen, operating profit of 35 billion yen and operating margin of 10% in the plan’s final year of fiscal 2021. To realize sustainable growth, it is essential to enhance and revitalize human resources. We will create an environment and corporate culture in which employees can work healthily and energetically with pride, and build up the foundation for improved growth as well.

Going forward, we will continuously strive to build a brighter future for the world by uncovering the unlimited possibilities of glass. We look forward to your ongoing support.