Vink Kunststoffen B.V.

Vink Kunststoffen B.V. has been a leading supplier of plastic semi-finished products in the Netherlands for 60 years.
Vink also has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Fiberglass-reinforced Plastics (GRP). Due to developments and growth in GVK, in combination with the need to be able to saw and assemble the gratings and profiles themselves, it was decided in 2014 that Vink-GVK will continue as an independent market group of Vink Kunststoffen.
Vink-GVK is currently located in a modern business building in Doetinchem.

We deliver from stock: Vikugrate gratings, GRP profiles, (cage) ladders and all kinds of connection materials and accessories. In addition, we design and engineer GVK constructions ourselves such as platforms and stairs. We also offer the possibility to assemble prefab constructions on site.

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