2nd Composites in Building & Infrastructure Summit

27 March 2019

The 2nd Composites in Building & Infrastructure Summit. Registration for the event is now open.
Date and place: November 20-21, 2019, Vienna, Austria.

The organization is looking forward to welcoming engineers, designer, materials/composites producers and suppliers, infrastructure professionals, builders, regulation experts and all those who are interested in the topic.

Attached is an information brochure with the event main activities and currently announced speakers. Right now we the organization is finalizing details with several other experts, and announcements of additional speakers will be made soon.
Registration details are on the last page.

Delegates: an early-bird fee is currently available. The number of seats is limited, so if interested please make sure to book your seat now.
Sponsors: exhibition and speaking slots are available for you. Number of exhibitors is currently unlimited, but only a few speaking slots are available. If interested – make sure to reserve a slot now.

They are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna!