EuCIA Eco Impact Calculator for composites

7 December 2020

This is the EuCIA Eco Impact Calculator for calculating the environmental impact of your composite products from cradle-to-gate: from the raw materials up to the point-of-sale. Users can calculate, save and export the environmental impacts of as many different composite products and components as they seem fit.

The Eco Impact Calculator incorporates a pre-defined set of materials and processes. It also allows the user to enter own data, generating a more precise result for individual composite producers. A report in pdf-format can be generated that summarizes the impact of the composite product under study.

The materials and processes are under continuous review for quality and consistency, and new data is added to expand and improve the tool. If you are missing certain crucial materials or processes, please do not hesitate to contact EuCIA calculator team. We sincerely hope that the Eco Impact Calculator can help you and the composites industry to face the opportunities and challenges ahead. Visit the EuCIA Eco Impact Calculator website.