Invitation Expert meeting Fokker 4.0 | Building the factory of the future!

1 March 2019

During the WCCS expert meetings, you will gain insight into the results achieved within the program.
This time we will address a very topical theme: Industry 4.0 within the Fokker environment.

With Industry 4.0 we mean the fourth industrial revolution that is all about digitization. This leads to more efficiency, so that lead times can be shortened and waste is minimal. This expert meeting is your chance to learn more about how a world class producer like Fokker is making its factory smarter. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Smart Industry!

Integrating systems is an important pillar within the Industry 4.0 movement. Vertical integration concerns the integration of information flows from the work floor to the management office. Digital control of production is an important aspect.

The digitization of the production preparation within Fokker is therefore central to this expert meeting. For the introduction of this system, a separate subproject has been set up within WCCS for which four years have been allocated. What went well and what could be better? The parties involved talk about the technical challenges encountered and the successes that have been achieved. Fokker also reflects on the learning moments from the project perspective. After an extensive tour of the Fokker factory, a drink and a discussion with the expert panel will follow.

Wednesday, March 20

14:30 – 19:00
Fokker Aerostructures

2.30 pm Walk-in

14.45 hours Welcome and introduction

Rudmer Heij (NOM)

15.00 Fokker 4.0: a four-year road map

Prof. Hans Wortmann (University of Groningen)

3.30 pm Getting started with Fokker 4.0

Steven Hengeveld (Fokker)

4.00 pm The results of Fokker 4.0

Marcel van Ballegooijen (3D Value) & Michel Meulman (Fokker)

4.30 pm Guided tour of the Fokker factory
5.15 pm Drinks with finger food
6.00 pm Discussion with expert panel

Rudmer Heij (NOM)

7.00 pm End


Fokker Aerostructures BV
Edisonstraat 1
7903 AN Hoogeveen

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There is room for up to 50 people (FULL = FULL!). Pay attention! To enter the Fokker site you must identify yourself. Therefore, you must bring a valid proof of identity.

We would like to discuss with you and other participants how we can translate the acquired knowledge and experience into the innovation or change projects in your own environment. If you already deploy or consider Industry 4.0 in your organization, we encourage you to mention this in the comments field. We will then include this in the preparation. If you have any questions or other suggestions in advance, please contact Rudmer Heij ( / 06-55330038).