Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim

The university of applied sciences Windesheim is located in Zwolle and Almere. Education is provided for 27,000 students in different studies. Besides education, Windesheim also is active in applied research within the professorships.

The Professorship for Polymer Engineering does research on polymer-related subjects like added manufacturing, polymer processing, rubber-recycling and composites. In the professorship researchers and lecturer work together with the industry on applied research. Students are involved from technical studies like mechanical engineering, industrial product design and civil engineering. In this manner the students learn and get in contact with industry.

For composites the professorship has expertise in design and manufacturing of composites and has a composite laboratory. In this laboratory the students are faced with the practical side of composite manufacturing. Composites are part of educational programs, for example in some minor-programms. The professorship has focused on a new methode of re-use of End-of-Life composites in cooperation with industry and branches.