LM Wind Power

LM Wind Power is one of the pioneers of the modern wind industry, starting rotor blade production in 1978 based on advanced in-house design, testing and manufacturing technology.  With over three decades of experience, we have established ourselves as the preferred supplier of wind turbine blades worldwide. In fact, almost every fifth turbine in the world is fitted with LM Wind Power blades. Our long-standing partnership with GE has yielded many innovations and commercial successes. Now, as part of GE Renewable Energy, together we can offer higher performing, more productive wind turbines, while continuing to reduce the cost of energy and improve returns on our customers’ investments. At the same time, we are equally committed to maintaining and growing our business with all customers.

Our specialist knowledge ranges from materials and process technology, aerodynamics, calculation and simulation to advanced production and testing of rotor blades. Our engineers constantly push the boundaries of blade size and airfoil shape, laying the technological foundations for 100+ meter blades that are expected to power future turbines. Our specialist competences have already repeatedly put us in front of the size race, most recently with the launch of the LM 107 – the world’s longest rotor blade.

With production, sales and service facilities in 15 different countries, LM Wind Power is the only blade supplier that operates on a global basis. This global reach ensures close contact to international customers and markets, and enables the company to minimize transport and logistics costs, shorten delivery time and reduce working capital requirements. As the world’s largest blades supplier, we employ our high degree of specialization to reap the benefits of economies of scale within R&D, procurement and global production. LM Wind Power’s business model is based on a green and reliable product and our unique ability to create value in efficient partnerships, with suppliers and customers as well as internally. Together, we secure clean energy for the world many years into the future. We embrace and celebrate diversity which is an important part of our company’s DNA. Our common foundation that unites people across continents, regardless of language, education and culture, are our values. They serve as basic guidelines for our interaction with each other and our contact with business partners.