Polyesterbedrijf Poly Technics

Poly Technics B.V. is a polyester company that mainly works with the hand lay-up method. Old-fashioned handiwork. Polyester company Poly Technics has experience since 1984. Our standards are very high and we demand high quality products. We just want to deliver the most beautiful product to our customers so they can be satisfied with it. Our products never leave our workshop without us being 100% satisfied with them. Even if this means that we need to put more time into the project than calculated. After all. the customer must receive a good product. Poly Technics is the right place for both serial and one-off products. We will think along with you! For serial products we can make both a model and mold.

In addition to Poly Technics, we also have a dutch webshop www.polytechnicsstore.nl where you can find our range of own products and raw materials such as polyester resin glass fiber, gel and topcoat.

If we can be of service, do not hesitate to contact us.