Pure Infinity

Pure Infinity: Innovators in biological air emission treatment
Specific for the composites industry we present our VOCUS technology, a biological air treatment technology that will clean the VOC’s (styrene) from the air emissions in the composite industry. Our technology allows you to make your production processes more sustainable at the lowest cost of ownership.

Your challenge, our solutions
Composites are an extremely durable construction material, because of their near infinite lifespan and the extreme strong and lightweight properties. The composite industry is now feeling an increasing desire to solve their styrene emissions in the air to modernize their companies and reduce their environmental footprint. Solving the styrene emissions in a durable and green way, at low cost, with very little maintenance and a small footprint is hereby essential. Meet the VOCUS

Reduce costs with sustainability
The VOCUS is a modern biological system. It will operate independently within the optimum parameters automatically maintained by the system. It adapts to the inlet of styrene and withstands the fluctuations known in any normal industrial production rhythm. The VOCUS is a biological system. This means that the actual styrene removal is done by biology in the VOCUS reactor consuming the styrene. This is why the operational costs are extremely low compared to any other technology.