The ThermoPlastic composites Research Center (TPRC) is primarily engaged in conducting fundamental research – in close collaboration with the University of Twente – under the supervision and direction of its partners (including Boeing, GKN Fokker, Toray Advanced Composites). This research is pre-competitive, so there is no problem for the partners regarding IP (intellectual property) and information sharing.
In addition, TPRC is active with a separate team on so-called bilateral projects that are specifically aimed at one customer. The acquired knowledge is only shared with that customer. The bilateral projects can relate to aerospace as well as other markets, such as automotive, and industrial applications.
As a non-profit foundation, TPRC also provides conferences, webinars and courses to share knowledge and interest more organizations in thermoplastic composite materials and production technologies. This is in line with TPRC’s mission to make thermoplastic composites more widely known and to contribute to a more sustainable society.
TPRC is an independent entity with its own location and laboratory that has all the facilities on board to realize the mission.

TPRC corporate video