UD Automated

UD Automated BV (UDA) is a new Dutch start-up by Rinus Prins, Henny van Dijk, and Andre Wilderdijk, with a focus on thermoplastic UD Tape processes and product development. Rinus has been active with thermoplastic UD composites, with FRT in Lelystad. Where at FRT the focus was predominantly on glass fiber-reinforced tape, UDA’s activities, for now, are primarily with carbon fiber.

UDA is based in IJsselmuiden in the Netherlands, where a 120 mm wide impregnation line is the heart of activities. During UDA’s short existence, a completely new impregnation technology has been developed, which gives UDA’s direct melt process the flexibility to impregnate carbon fiber bundles (as well as glass, basalt, or aramid) with high quality at high run speeds. UDA’s objective is to produce high-quality tape for an attractive cost.

UDA can choose raw materials freely. At this moment, tape has been produced on the basis of HDPE, PP, ASBS, PA6, PA11, PA12, and various elastomers, with different types of carbon fiber from different manufacturers, with varying sizing and TEX properties. For the right project, Tailormade Tape is possible.