Volumetric Insight BV

Volumetric Insight was founded to apply our shared knowledge of mechanical engineering, ultrasonic testing, composite materials, chemical engineering and quality management to help companies in the processing industry to finetune maintenance operations on fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) assets. These assets are often chemical storage containers and tubing, but our methodology translates well from assets exposed to chemical corrosion, to assets subjected to dynamical loads like the blades of windmills and the hulls of ships.

Before the inspection we engage with our client to map the application of FRP within their company processes and better understand the inspection needs of the client. During the inspection we perform a visual inspection to map visible imperfections and defects, but also perform ultrasonic scans to map invisible defects quantitively. The report offers insight into the state of the asset, the amount of encountered defects and the state of the composite material itself by reporting the structural degradation quantitively. Our method offers the possibility of finetuning preventive maintenance and provides insight into degradation trends. Our inspection can be performed in-service without the need of emptying, cleaning and entering the assets.

Our services span from performing these inspections, providing recommendations around composite asset management and providing handles around maintenance in an industry where standards are still few and far between.