Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders B.V.

‘The nearly seventy years of yacht building speaks volumes’

Most successful
The yard behind the C-Yacht brand is Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders. Zaadnoordijk is nowadays one of the most successful and quality oriented yards in the Netherlands. The nearly seventy years of yacht building speaks volumes! Through the years, Zaadnoordijk has always focused on quality and safety. Zaadnoordijk builds using only the newest techniques and takes into account environmental considerations for both humans and animals.

The boats are constructed using only the absolutely best materials such as vinylester and, moreover, are partially produced using vacuum techniques. All boats that leave the Heerenveen yard are classified under CE category A, ocean-worthy.

Dutch pedigree
Everything is made in house. From the moulds to the carefully finished teak wood interior. From the first boat to the latest boat built by Zaadnoordijk, use is made of the knowledge and expertise of experienced sailors and water sport experts, their passion for sailing and the water shows through in their work.

Cruising with a passion
Ergonomics is part of the secret of success for the yard, everything must be readily accessible in port, as well as on the water and every detail is taken into consideration. If you choose a C-Yacht, then you choose boat with a passion. A passion that stands for, experience, quality, performance and high quality seaworthy sailing yachts.