Sustainability Forum at JEC World

21 februari 2024

Global Composites Sustainability Coalition Presents Sustainability Forum

Wednesday, March 6, 2024
4:30 pm – 5:45 pm
Hall 6 – Mezzanine – Room 613

Moderated by: Cindy Squires, Esq., ACMA



4:30 pm – New ELV Directive – Possible Impacts on the Composites Industry (Dr. Bastian Brenken, Composites United e.V.; Volker Mathes, AVK)
Every year, over six million vehicles in Europe reach the end of their life and are treated as waste. When end-of- life vehicles (ELVs) are not properly managed, they can cause environmental problems and the European economy loses millions of tonnes of materials. The European Directive on end-of-life vehicles (ELV Directive) sets clear recycling targets for ELVs and their components. Since this Directive was introduced in 2000, several amendments have been made. The EU has also introduced several related rules such as the Directive on the type-approval of motor vehicles regarding their reusability, recyclability and recoverability. A review of the ELV Directive was launched in 2021, resulting in a proposal for a new regulation in 2023. This proposal is meanwhile under discussion. Composites, as a material group, are also affected by this new proposal. The presentation analyzes the impact that possible adjustments/changes to the ELV in the current proposal may have on the composites industry and the use of these materials in the automotive industry.

4:42 pm – AVK presents a comprehensive study on composites recycling (Dr. Elmar Witten, AVK; Volker Mathes, AVK)
The AVK – Industrievereinigung Verstärkte Kunststoffe e. V., together with the IKK, Institute for Plastics and Circular Economy at the Leibniz University of Hanover, has compiled a comprehensive study on composites recycling. The topic of sustainability and recycling has become increasingly important in industry and plastics in recent years. Especially in lightweight construction, composites have enormous advantages. In addition, the materials can also deliver high added value in terms of sustainability. The recently published composites recycling study is the first major study on the recycling of composites with focus on Germany/Europe. The study provides a systematic and comprehensive overview of the quantities of waste volumes and the current and future solutions available for high-quality recycling. For the first time, the study offers a systematic and comprehensive overview of the amounts of waste generated and the current and future available and implementable solutions to high-quality recycling. The advantages and disadvantages of the various procedures are also assessed, and relevant legal requirements and standards are considered.

4:54 pm- Excerpt of Some Findings from a Sustainability Survey of the European Composites Industry (Roberto Frassine, EuCIA)
Key findings from a survey conducted by EuCIA on European composites companies’ perceptions of the circular economy and the actions they have taken will be briefly presented and commented on.

5:06 pm- Developing FRP Recycling in Finland (Pirjo Pietikäinen, Finnish Plastics Industries Federation)
In Finland we have a working logistic for FRP recycling (KiMuRa-route). The recycler is building new infrastructure for shredding which makes the process both more effective and more cost effective. More and more companies are utilizing this route for recycling. This presentation will cover the Finnish nationwide system in FRP waste recycling and how it is developing.

5:18 pm- Advancing Sustainability Initiatives and Policy Advocacy in the USA (John P. Busel, Cindy Squires, ACMA)
Explore ACMA’s sustainability initiatives (CIRCLE), aimed at positioning composites as key contributors to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Through CIRCLE, ACMA supports composite manufacturers in mitigating climate impacts and educating customers about the environmental benefits of composite products. Understand new federal and state initiatives to account for carbon emissions. Learn about ACMA’s progress in Life Cycle Inventory (LCI), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and Product Category Rules (PCR), and its efforts to develop robust Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

5:30 pm- Design Recommendations for Plastic Products in Road Vehicles: Cen TC301/WG17 Activities and Some Implications for Composites (Roberto Frassine, EuCIA)
As a result of the activities conducted by the Circular Plastics Alliance starting in 2019, the European Commission has mandated the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) to produce standards relevant to the recycling of plastics in various sectors such as packaging, agriculture, construction and automotive. This presentation will give a brief account of the activities and major achievements of CEN Technical Committee 301 (Electrically Propelled Road Vehicles) Working Group 17 (Plastics recycling and sustainability for road vehicles) and their implications for composites.

5:45 pm – Conclusion – Adjourn (Cindy Squires, ACMA) 6:00 pm – Cocktail in the Press Club